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Interested in grabbing this for RPG Maker MV. Is it pretty straightforward to get it working in there?

I'm not super sure how MV works, you'll probably need some graphics program to build the appropriate image format from the pieces in this. And everything in it is scaled to 16x16 pieces, so if MV works with 48x48 you'll also have to resize it

That makes sense!

Where are the icons from if you dont mind me asking?

From my icon pack:

Thanks mate..will purchase when i get paid!

Looking forward to buying this for use with the Adventure format of Twine. The asset packs it requires look super good, so I don't particularly mind shelling out 45$ for the assets. It's less than I'd pay for a similar plugin for Unity with less of Unity's headaches.

Thank you for such great work...will be using this in my game and wondering how you would like to be credited in the credits for my game!?

7Soul or Henrique Lazarini is fine. And thank you too


can this be used for action role playing hack and slash games?

If what you need is listed in the description, and you like the preview, then yes! Please note the font and icons are not included