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  • Over 1700 16x16 pixel art icons
  • Equipments, Skills, Foods, Status Effects and more
  • Fantasy RPG themed
  • Single sprite sheet AND separate .png files
  • Style A is smoother and goes well with dark backgrounds
  • Style B has an outline and goes well with light background

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Folder "Renamed" has renamed icons for better ordering and numbering

The "_sheet.png" files had to be reordered regardless, so sprite references will probably break :/

256 New icons

  • 98 Weapons
  • 80 Skills
  • 24 Foods
  • 16 Rings
  • 13 Accessories
  • 12 Armors
  • 5 Boots
  • 5 Gloves
  • 3 Shields


114 New Icons

  • 36 Gloves
  • 30 Skills
  • 48 Weapons

Contact: henriquelazarini@gmail.com

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, assets, Fantasy, Icons, Pixel Art, Retro
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution_NoDerivatives v4.0 International


Get this asset pack and 2 more for $20.00 USD
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Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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7Soul's RPG Graphics - Pack 1 - Icons v1.2.3.zip 7 MB


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Very nice pack (bought it on another site). Made a game with it.

These are great!  Used the pizza one in my latest game.  Cheers!  (https://xedindustries.itch.io/hal-and-oaf)

Does this package have more icons than the humble package? I was gifted a humble icon package a year back by a friend, so now I'm curious.

They're the same

ok thank you for the response


Hey there, Love your spritesets (using in my current project) Do you have any plans to make more weapons/monsters in the future?

Thanks! :D

Thanks for the support, but not planning anything at the moment unfortunately :/


Too bad, hope all is well in 7Soul land though! :)

I previously purchased and downloaded the v1.2.3 version of this asset pack from (HUMBLE RPG GAME DEV BUNDLE) from the Humble Bundle.

What I'm curious about is that among blunt weapons, there is a weapon that looks like a string is attached to a stick. What kind of weapon is that? Is it a whip?

It's supposed to be a Flail, something like this or this. Since the sprite is so small I couldn't draw a whole chain and ball so instead it's just the chain

For your packs, are we able to edit the works and still use it within a commercial product?

For example, say if I wanted to change the color of one of the weapons to represent a type of weapon in my product. Or for your character pack, if I wanted to do change the color for a character? Is that fine?

Yes that's fine

What is the difference between 1A and 1B?

1B has a black outline, while 1A has anti-alias that works against dark backgrounds. The 3rd preview image showcases the two types

Hi 7soul, hope you doing well.

do you have by any chance the icons set without any background ready in a sheet? or the ready once only come with gray/black background?

There's a big transparent sheet with every icon. It's the "_sheet.png" file in case you bought it already (there's one for each icon style)

(2 edits)

Yes, I sew them, I just wish they been ready in a sheet with out background as well, I'm calling them from the 'engine' and need it to be in one sheet but also without background. You make 2 sheets with different background colors so I can't use those. It's just a bit extra time to put them all together in one sheet, but that ok, I will have to take the time to do it, thank you for the responed, I know you busy with your game (the by the way, looks great!).

Hey, will this pack and the Town pack soon be updated to match the Grasslands pack? I already have the Town, and want to get these other ones, but want them all to match.

I will update the town but I don't have the time to do it so soon, I'll be a while...

I just merged the original Grasslands with the Town pack, so if you own the Town pack you can download the new zip file which includes the old matching Grasslands

Hi! Question: 

For the UI pack, the window frames/bars/buttons are they complete or they come in separate sprites and I put it together myself? Sorry for this question but I bought a pack from someone else before and this was a big problem. Basically I want something complete not 20 separate sprites to built a window myself.

I couldnt leave a comment in your UI pack so I put it here:)

It's all cut up in individual pieces. For example, the window is 9 pieces (for each corner and middle), Each piece is 16x16 pixels

I don't know how they could be "complete" as there's no set size for the windows

If you want to you can check out the contents of the pack in this other store I use: link (click the "files" tab, also the website is a bit weird and not loading some times)

Thank you so much for your reply! I understand no window is the same or a certain size. I was just wondering since I bought a ui pack from unity before and they were complete so all I had to do was drag the image in. But perhaps in unity this is all different:))) 

I don't mind making the window size myself I was just trying to save time lol

Thank you!

I bought your material, but why only low-resolution no background images, high-resolution black-and-white background blocked, can you give me no background?

They don't have a background, what are you talking about?

Awesome work as always and thanks for the update !

I cant' wait for your others packs to be updated :)

Quick question, does it have scythes by any chance?


There are 2 scythes in the axe group. If you look in the preview image you can barely see it in the very top left (the purple one)